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Issues with connecting casing frontal usb 3.0 to mainboard usb 3.1 connector

Seeking expert help. I'm using Asus Rog Strix z370-F mainboard with Fractual Design R5. I'm unable to connect my casing USB 3.1 port to the mainboard connector at 20-1 pin U31 G1_12 which a long gfx card will cover over it.. I have another internal USB 3.0 internal card reader I wish to mount to my casing so I need use both of the usb 3.1 connector. How do I connect to G1_12 port? Even removing the drive cage doesn't help as the connector is blocked. is there an extender adaptor that helps to connect to it? with a male and female adaptor. I noticed almost all the mainboards will have this issue.

You mean something like this ?

xonix wrote: You mean something like this ? Yes. something like that. Can I get this at simlim?

Try Worldwide Computer at 6th floor facing lift, SLS.

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