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Troubleshooting help

Hi guys, I need some help troubleshooting my computer. It is currently unable to boot, with no signal to monitor, keyboard and mouse. External HDD still has power as the indicator still lights up. All fans still running and working (CPU,GPU,PSU and case fans) Tried resitting GPU, tested RAM slots 1 by 1 and re-inserting CMOS battery to no avail. Slowly removed HDD and SSD too. PC Specs MOBO CPU : MSI PC Mate B85-G41 Intel I5-4590 GPU : MSI R9 280 PSU : Seasonic 520W 80 Bronze RAM : G-Skill 2x4GB 1667MHZ Storage : Samsung EVO 850 500GB

Bring your rig to Nigel at PC Care, #02-32, SLS.

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